Our target market consists of Art & Craft Entrepreneurs who already have (or know how to get) vintage picture frames.

If you fit the description, you know that used/vintage frames in good condition can be purchased cheap. But what good are they? Originally, today's old frames all were intended to fit a specific picture. But once that picture has sun-faded or gone out of style, it's one-in-a-million that you'll find another good picture that fits. Until now.

We have created a proprietary collection of retro images relating to popular tourist destinations that feature their historic past. Once inserted into a vintage picture frame, these appeal to tourists as souvenirs, and also to individuals and businesses that own property in those resort areas.

Almost all our images are map-based. Unframed, they are art. But once framed, they become "identity" totems. The maps create an authentic and aesthetic connection to a place that buyers regard as special. Seeing the title and recognizing the details on a map gives buyers a sense that they are insiders.  Antique/vintage frames can enhance that sense of authenticity. Overall, the combination of our map art and your vintage frame creates an economic value for customers that's much greater than the your economic cost of frames plus custom-sized prints.

Here are a couple other important things about our map art: (1) No matting is needed. Maps come with their own borders.  (2) We design our maps in standard aspect ratios, but we don't just sell standard sizes. ALL of our art is digitally revitalized and can be easily scaled. And EVERY individual print is created on-demand, one at a time. Our production partner is Vivyx Printing in Phoenix, AZ. They handle all production, shipping, quality control and warranty issues. For details regarding the alternative media we can print on, click here.

Thus, we can reverse-engineer the print-framing process by starting with your frame's dimensions and producing art that fits perfectly. For more details regarding how we do what we do, click here. For details regarding the profit potential of buying custom-sized prints for your vintage frames, click here.  For details regarding our Wholesale To The Public program, click here.

Finally, let's be frank about our use of the royal "we". The Framer In The Dells is literally a "Mom and Pop" operation. For details about this particular Mom and Pop, click here.