Meet Mom & Pop

Here's something you won't see very often – a small business that is NOT trying to fool you into thinking they're bigger than they are.

Bonnie was an early Internet entrepreneur. Ron was a ghost writer and investor. We both retired early, spent time with family, traveled, hiked a lot, played some golf, etc. Ron's a history buff with photography skills, so after a decade off, we decided to get back in the game by starting a business online that takes advantage of on-demand technology.

We use the internet to find interesting retro (historic) images, which we then digitally "reinvigorate" using software like Photoshop. We don't just "restore" images. We artistically enrich and improve the images while maintaining their historic integrity. Then we upload our images to a printing, production and fulfillment partner that makes, ships and guarantees the physical prints to our specs.

We create value by (1) selecting appealing images, (2) enhancing those images, (3) choosing the right media to print them on, and (4) choosing the right production partner. But the real key to our business is organizing this as opportunity for other small business entrepreneurs to make some money by creating a new profit center or a side hustle.

It sounds corny, but we're more interested in making friends than money. We hope to find a relatively small number of antique dealers, pickers, local historical societies, arts & craft vendors, gift shop operators, etc. who get the idea behind what we're offering, and want to establish a long-term relationship. We've set up this website to make it easy to give us a try without any real risk.

After you see what we've got, and you think we might be able to work together, drop us a line at our Contact page, and we'll give you a call back so we can get to know each other better.

Pop & Mom