New Product - Boston Harbor 1920 Birdseye Map

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From Eastie to Cape Cod, this south-facing pictorial map from 1920 focuses on the islands and beaches of Boston Harbor.

The aspect ratio is 4:5, making it exactly scalable for prints 8x10, 11x14, 16x20 and 20x25. Pricing is for one full-color Perma-mount print, which displays the image as a resilient surface on a rigid backing board.

Custom-sized (in 1/2" increments) Perma-mount prints are available for all comparable aspect ratios (including e.g. 10x12, 12x15, 12x16, 14x17) and are priced at the next higher size. [So for an 10x12 print, choose 11x14 at $10, and for a 12x16 print choose 16x20 at $20.]

Larger sizes, including 24x30, may be available under the Great Big Maps category.

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